Improving Your Performance

With hei! your personal performance can be improved with both practical and creative tools. We’re not a drama school, we won’t improve your professional skills, but we really can improve your personal performance.

Practical Tools - We can offer bespoke tailored methods to help you control areas affecting your personal performance such as fears, moods and energy levels.

Creative Tools - Whether you create, write, direct, perform, produce or support, being in hei! means a huge, new resource for you – to better understand someone you’re working with, or characters you’re helping to create.

Every hei! workshop is a free Masterclass in cutting-edge understanding about how and why you - and others -behave the way you do - and others – do!

Excess-stress, and its frequent companion, Post-slow-stress fatigue (P-s-sf) is inherent within the entertainment industry and regaining control over these debilitating and often harmful conditions is all about understanding behaviours – our own and those of others.

Bring along questions.

Receive some new wisdom, mull it over and then we’d love you to give some of your own life wisdom back to constantly allow the Masterclasses to change, grow and improve.

Our new training centre and retreat 30 minutes by train from London Euston