Who and What and Why and When

hei!is a campaign created and supported by the National Institutes for Clinical Research in Scotland and England (Nicrs England and Nicrs Scotland), the biomedical science section of ELK Research and the Jermyn Street Theatre. 

Nicrs England, Nicrs Scotland and ELK Research are all part of The ELK-Foundation - a registered charity.  Jermyn Street Theatre is also a registered charity. Donations to these organisations can attract government help to supplement your generosity.

Because entertainment professionals are more susceptible to many 21st century health challenges that we are fighting, your help is vital.

To help with our research we need to establish a solid group of entertainment professionals across all areas of our business who are articulate, informed, skilled and enthusiastic. Information will be gathered through surveys and questionnaires, clinical tests, group meetings and one to one meetings.

In return, hei! provides the people in the entertainment industry with health advice, opportunities to earn, and workshops to enhance personal performance.

You are articulate and emotionally intelligent. Your opinions and data are valuable and can help not just people within the industry, but everyone.

What work is available?