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Improving your performance

With hei! your personal performance can be improved with both practical and creative tools. We’re not a drama school, we won’t improve your professional skills, but we really can improve your personal performance. more >>

Improving your health

The health of the entertainment industry is economically, culturally and psychologically vital to society. Yet its inherent health issues are ignored. If you work in entertainment it has been statistically proven more>>

Improving your bank balance

hei! helps its members’ bank balance in two ways:
By paying for research-orientated work. This may be asking you to provide us with saliva samples or completing in-depth more>>

Why & who & what & when

hei! is a campaign created and supported by the National Institutes for Clinical Research in Scotland and England (Nicrs England and Nicrs Scotland), the biomedical science section of ELK-Foundation and the Jermyn Street Theatre more >>